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Its been very crazy lately.God's provision however has carried me through it all.I've been getting a lot of design + art commissions but they have been so many I havent been able to rest properly or give it my best.I also need to study music more for the final courses of music.

God has been so good to me and I havent been able to post here enough to share it.But he has transformed my loneliness into peace.Its hard to explain but before when I was in a very dysunctional relationship I felt very very alone when he wasnt around and ever since I ended it and prayed for restoration God has given a peace and understanding bigger than the one I had before.I feel like im on a new level of knowing his everlasting LOVE.Throughout this situation he provided blessing by bringing into my life a sister in Christ who has been awesome helping me cope and re-adjust.God bless her!I always dreamed of having a real sister not the occasional friend who acted sisterly and God has finally provided her.God has promised to give me a family and I know in His perfect time he will :D

I have so many dreams to work on but its very therapeutic for me to write out loud.
In this new chapter of my life Ive started weeding out bad habits Praise the Lord and Ive seen myself moving forward.Im gonna post my art here soon because I keep saying it but i never do it LOL .SO I owe that .I changed the layout because I can never keep the same stuff up for too long.It stresses me out.Dunno why.

I also have a Christian Book Reccomendation.

completely his
Completely His by Shannon Ethridge
She' a christian author whom God delivered from an unheatlthy view of relationships,intimacy and sexuality.She minister to young adults across the USA about these issues,God's plan for us women and how to deal in a Godly way with overcoming them and growing in God.

Her series Completely His is about growing closer and developing a relationship with God not just a religion.She shares her powerful testimony and how God can ransform our way of seing things into a Biblical view and how its very possible to fall in love with God so he can prepares us mind,body and spirit for our future husband and for eternal life w God.

The first book is very honest ,detailed and makes you consider many things in a whole new way.It talks about how we feel and about how God feels about us but is so much more.Its full of provision for a christian woman yearning more from God.

The other book are about his Blessings,His Forgivenessand they have a workbook like style too so its a book that can be enjoyed throughly.

4 stars!!

God bless you all.Ill be back with more stories sometime soon