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Choosing Gratitude

Ive been going through a process lately in which I have been able to see God's love and have had to grow with the struggle that is to think and act with more holiness every day.So when I read this following quote I had to repost it cause thats what God's been teaching me.Even if right now my life is taking an unexpected direction choosing gratitude at all times helps us put our eyes back on him and is an attitude we gotta turn into a habit.Prase You Lord.

Gratitude takes our eyes off of ourselves and puts them back on the giver of all good things, even those things we perceive as bad or unpleasant. Most American families are drowning in abundance and as a result we have the most self absorbed culture ever. The gift of prosperity does not usher in the response of gratitude as one would imagine. Instead it feeds the roots of narcissism and entitlement. Children who tend to be selfish anyway must be trained in giving thanks. We as adults must discipline ourselves in gratitude. It is not natural. But it is necessary as believers if we are to please God and make any kind of impact on our culture. It is the antidote to insanity. It is the pathway to peace. It is the key to a gracious life. It is the doorway by which even unbelievers cope with the fragility of life because it acknowledges faith in the one who rules.” - Barbara Rainey

Isnt it wonderful?

Blessings =D