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God's gifts are better

I saw this beautiful quote and had to repost it.Its from a preacher but its oh so true about God's promises.

"Don't stop dreaming,don't stop believing,dont become a copy of no one.If God said it was meant for you,it will be for you,If God said he'd give it to you,God will give it to you.God will keep his promises.God is strenghening you until the promise that He has made for you comes to pass." - Arnaldo Gines

"No dejen de soñar, no dejen de creer,
no dejen de ser ustedes en el proceso, no se conviertan en una copia de
nadie. Si Dios dijo que era para ti, será para ti, si Dios te dijo que
te lo daría, Dios te lo dará, Dios cumplirá lo que ha prometido. Dios
hoy está fortaleciéndote hasta el cumplimiento de la promesa que Él ...ha
hecho sobre tu vida."
Arnaldo Gines