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your heart ..in the right place

How tricky that one part of ourselves is.It can induce euphoria or some serious sadness.Yet God can take over it and still it into acting righteusly.Theres quotes on the bible about all that it means to have that one heart.For one,if its poisoned..itll come out when we speak.What we treasure is where our heart is.Our heart,our emotions are necesary to give and receive love properly... and so much more.

I think everything God does for us teaches us greatly about what love is.
- He chooses to love us thus reaffirming that more than euphoria...its a choice
- His love for us is not easily shaken by our humanity because hes comitted.Love is comittment.
- His love is based on truth and the right emotions.. in his love there is no evil but blessing.
- His love only makes us better.real love should be about making each other better not worse.

and so much more..

As i walk this new beginning w God ive become more aware in him of those things.But most of all..his redemptive power is the source of my hope.I will get better in Him.

He has also showed me that..remember pride?
it keeps us away from Him the moment we let it guide all our actions.It creates a distance when it makes us give up instead of continuing to seek Christ no matter how hard we might falll.It keeps us from accepting love,fromm moving forward and even from faith.

something for all of us to consider..